Buy used Fossil watches in South Africa! If you are looking for second hand watches in good condition, explore the leading shopping destinations in SA! High quality Fossil wristwatches on affordable prices!

Used Fossil Watches

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Bid or Buy Fossil

Bid or Buy is the best place to buy second hand watches. They not only list many different watches from world’s top brands, but their overall price is as low as half of the new ones. Head to their website and you fill find many beautiful ...

OLX Fossil Watches

OLX is a perfect place to find the best of second hand products. They are a globally recognized online platform who lists a range of quality watches, including used Fossil watches. These pieces are made from the finest of steel, silver and ...

Gumtree Fossil Watches

It is this brand’s goodwill in the global watch industry that even used Fossil watches are always demanded. And that is why, at Gumtree, a leading second hand market in South Africa, you will find a long listing of fossil branded watches. ...