France's largest watch maker, Cartier, is also one of the most esteemed watch and fashion brands in the world. With a history dating back to 1888 when the company developed a series of ladies' wristwatches, Cartier has enjoyed more than a century in the limelight, fine tuning its design and production skills over this time to emerge as one of the strongest watch and jewelry brands of our time. From the design of luxury watches to signature formal watches, dress watches, casual watches and sport watches, Cartier provides a wide assortment of watches to meet every need.

While Cartier does not make its own movements like some of the top cream of watchmakers, it sources them from the world's finest watchmakers - Le Couture, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, and Movado. So every time you wear a Cartier, it is as if you have a piece of these prestigious brands on with you. Other than the super efficiency of these movements, Cartier watches offer high precision and accuracy for enhanced function. The cool stylish designs of Cartier watches are just a bonus to the value and performance you get from the watch. Talking of style, the Cartier elegance is acknowledged globally. This high finesse ensures that Cartier watches retain their value over time, and you can sell yours for a pretty decent amount of money should you decide to go down this path.

Some of the most iconic Cartier collections include Tonneau, whose first watch was designed back in 1906. The watch had a distinct winding crown that was detailed with cabochon sapphire, clearly a sophisticated design at the time and still in demand to date, though latter day Tonneau designs have been revised and updated to feature more modern features but without losing the initial Tonneau charm. Other watches invented in those early years and which remain in circulation are Tortue, Tank, Pasha, and Baigoire, all built between 1906 and 1932.

Cartier men's watches come in a number of classic and contemporary collections. All bear unique combinations of aesthetics, precision and elegance that distinguishes them from other watch brands. Top collections for men include Ballon Bleu De Cartier, Tank, Calibre De Cartier, Cle De Cartier, Rotonde, Santos De Cartier, Ronde Croisiere De Cartier, Ronde Louis Cartier, Ronde Solo De Cartier, Tortue, and Pasha De Cartier. Women's Cartier watches are elegant, classy, chic, and high value. Top collections under this category are Ballon Bleu, Ballon Blanc De Cartier, Cle De Cartier, Pasha De Cartier, Santos De Cartier, Tortue, Ronde Louis Cartier, Baignoire, Crash, and Creative Jeweled Watches, a collection that carries up to 147 different models. It features mostly dress watches that come encrusted with gems but also has a good number of watch designs that go well with formal dresses and suits. This diversity in Cartier watches places the brand at the forefront of the watch making industry and ensures enough variety to capture the attention of even the most selective of buyers. Cartier watch prices begin at R28.000 on average and go up above R900.000, the price itself indicative of the premium quality you're paying for.

Give your appearance a boost with a Cartier watch. Designed by the best brains and built by skilled and experienced engineers, Cartier watches are packed with style and value that you wouldn't find in any other brand.
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