Many people have the desire to own a good quality watch in their lifetime, something they can pass onto their children and hope the tradition continues for generations to come. If you're among the lucky ones who have a timepiece heirloom in the family, you understand how important it is to look at the longevity of a watch you hope to use for decades before buying one. South Africa presents numerous watch options for anyone looking to buy one or more quality watches. Take your time to look through the different types of watches displayed in watch stores around the country in order to find the timepiece that best represents your style. There are formal watches, designer watches, branded watches, Swiss watches, luxury watches, men's watches, women watches, and more.

Luxury watches and fine watches make the highest statement of style among all watches. They can be worn with any outfit and are especially ideal for occasional use. This makes them an important addition to the watch collection for any serious watch collector. South Africa watch dealers source their luxury watches from leading watch companies, ensuring variety and value. Among the aspects that stand out in a luxury watch are its intricate design and styling. Good aesthetics, ideal shape and design, quality materials, reliable movement, and an excellent color combination are key considerations to have in mind when buying these watches. Luxury watch makers already know which mechanical and styling combinations to use to come up with outstanding luxury watches, ensuring that you have a wider pool of designs and styles from which to pick your luxury watch. Materials like a diamond or gold case, crystal or diamond face, silver or metallic bracelets, gemstones, and leather straps are some of the design features that make a luxury watch stand out. To enjoy even more versatility, choose a luxury watch with a removable strap so that you can wear a different strap with your watch whenever you desire.

Branded and designer watches are another popular watch category in South Africa. So versatile and wide is this class of watches that it is impossible to single out the different designs and collections under it. Designer watches are a great way to showcase your good taste in watches. Because these watches are exclusively designed, you can almost be sure that you won't be seeing many other watches that are similar to yours. If you have the cash to spare, go for one of the limited edition watches and enjoy even more exclusivity. These may initially cost an arm and a leg, but they sure will retain their value better than other types of watches. Best of all, they are always in demand so finding a ready buyer when you decide to sell yours will not be difficult. Branded watches are sold in varying prices in South Africa. Some fall in the premium, high end bracket but there are many other models selling at affordable mid level and entry level prices. Have no fears when buying these watches because the quality of branded and designed watches is guaranteed. Remember the manufacturer's name is at stake here; they will suffer immeasurable and often irreparable damage should their watches be found out to be of poor quality and unreliable. It is for this reason that the watch maker ensures that the watch is of the best quality possible for its price before releasing it to the market. This gives you the assurance that you can have high expectations for the watch and that it won't malfunction or look rugged after a short stint of using it.

Perhaps your biggest desire for the longest time has been to own a Swiss watch. You're in good hand here because leading watch retailers in the country have a good selection of Swiss watches for you. Both Swiss Quartz and Swiss Movt varieties are available and are sourced from top watch companies like IWC, Longines, Voctorinox, Vacheron Constantin, Piaget, Swiss Army, The Swatch Company, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Rado, Zenith, Breitling, Tag Heuer, A. Lange & Sohne, and Omega among many others. These watches bear precise Swiss watch movements, the mechanical movements making them far more precious than modern day digital watches. The components used on these watches are strictly made in Switzerland, and the entire watch assembly is done by the companies' experienced watch gurus. Swiss watches come in many types, designs, and sizes. Some are modern, others vintage. Some designs are made for men, some for women, and others are unisex. Picking a good Swiss watch is a matter of individual preference, and thankfully, there are lots of designs to choose from.

South Africa watches are sold under all the categories that matter: formal watches, luxury watches, fine watches, designer watches, ladies' watches, men's watches, branded watches, sport watches, antique watches, Swiss watches, name them. Every watch category has unique defining features. Once you understand what kind of watch you would like to have, finding it at the stores becomes easy. When you're not confident about your watch knowledge, walking into the store, looking at the various timepieces on display and talking to the knowledgeable assistants at the store will help shed light on the perfect watch to buy.

If you are enthusiastic about sports and outdoor activities, you'll need more than a basic, everyday watch. A multifunctional watch with numerous complications is a better fit for your lifestyle. Precision and the extra ability to give various other important readings and measurements is just as important as accurate time telling in this case. A watch for work and meetings will need to be more formal in appearance and should be comfortable enough for daily wear. For those special occasions where you need to impress, get a fine watch or one of the unique designer watches available in top watch dealer stores. Choose a watch based on your style, preference, and its application and you won't go wrong with your choice. The wide variety of quality watches sold in South Africa makes finding this ideal watch possible.